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Diving Equipment in Cayo Levisa Scuba Diving Center

Basic diving equipment and controls:

  1. the diving mask
  2. the demand valve of the diving regulator
  3. the buoyancy compensator inflation and vent valves
  4. an alternate buoyancy compensator vent valve
  5. shoulder straps of the BCD, which can be released by another diver in case of emergency.
  6. a depth gauge - showing 23 metres
  7. the contents gauge displaying remaining pressure in the diving cylinder - showing 150 bar

It is recommended that if you are diving in Cuba you take your own kit with you. The minimum kit you should take is a dive computer or own depth gauge so that you can confidently monitor your dive. Cuba is a poor country and dive centres may not be ran to the standard that you are familiar with elsewhere. It is also important to thoroughly check kit before each dive, be aware of your limits and not be afraid to ask the dive guides to stay shallow or slow down if you do not feel comfortable.