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Divers in Cayo Levisa

Cayo Levisa International Diving Center

The Cayo Levisa International Diving Center is consolidated inside the first five Centers of Diving in the country and it is the main reason of the clients' satisfaction that visit the Key for what its mission is to satisfy the expectations of the clients lovers of the diving, facilitating its learning, its practice and the submarine interpretation with a focus environmentalist.

Diver in Cayo LevisaCayo Levisa Coral Reef

The beauty of the beaches and the beautiful coral reefs that it possesses Cayo Levisa can be enjoyed by means of the autonomous diving and the snorkeling.

From the natural point of view, they exist potentialities here for the development of varied activities underwater.

The diving area associated to the Cayo Levisa International Diving Center extends practically from the same costs of the key, showing high securities of attraction, for the varied flora and fauna that inhabit it and its excellent conservation state

They exist in these area twenty-three places for immersions that are properly detailed and located along the coral barrier.

The Cayo Levisa International Diving Center offers varied diving courses for all the levels imparted by instructors categorized internationally, and they give internationally grateful certificates.